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Star Trek Online Fan Fiction


My First Attempt at writing Star Trek Fan Fiction

I am not used to writing fiction but thought I would give it a try  and below is the result I hope you enjoy will have to think of backstories for the other members of the bridge staff at some point.

Elektra Shepard First Officer U.S.S. Solar Storm

Special forces level expert in various weapons and hand to hand combat has been friends with the Admiral since Starfleet Academy. 

Tara Chief of Security

T.A.R.A. Tactical Analyst Reconnaissance Assault

Code name for a top secret project by a team of elite Starfleet engineers. The  project was a critical success. They successfully created and android of the same type of as the robotic sentient life form known as Commander Data. Tara decided to keep her project name and answer the call of her creators by willingly joining Starfleet. Currently serving aboard the USS Solar Storm as Chief of Security 

Two Pieces of the same puzzle Romance among the stars

Recently the crew found out that NovaBlast and Elektra were actually turning into a lot more than just friends. They are both career officers and their relationship could more closely be compared to Riker and Troi at this point. The two had been friends since Starfleet Academy but had never really gotten passed the friends stage but when NovaBlast was first given command of the ship there was no question who he wanted as his first officer.

Now that they both had at least somewhat stable in their career and positions Elektra had been trying to subtlety work on throwing out hints that she wanted to be more than friends with the Admiral. This went on for quite a while as she did not want to be out of line or risk the chance of damaging their friendship. Knowing Elektra though this subtly did have an expiration date. 

Elektra had a reputation for being the type that would rather blow up a locked door on a mission rather than try to open it covertly or even better yet she would rather just blow up the entire building if they didn't need anyone or anything in it alive or in one piece. To be fair NovaBlast had a very similar attitude which is probably why he was assigned to a tactical heavy destroyer and a reason why the two got along so well. The end result was a very well run ship because it was common knowledge that you didn't want any poor reports to cross Electra's view.

The crew always had an interest in any personal gossip regarding the two but it really did not add up to much. The only other major gossip that had happened recently was regarding a conversation one night at the poker table.

While playing poker with the senior staff and couple of civilians serving aboard. Tara decided this would be a great time to interact with her shipmates and share the results of an observational analysis she had been working on. This was not unusual for her as she has always being inquisitive about human nature but at this point still has very poor grasp on the concept of what questions and observations should and should not be talked about in different social and public situations.

She started by saying how she found it fascinating that clothes humans wear directly affects their behavior patters in a measurable way. To explain a specific example of how she came to that conclusion she stated that while observing the Captain and First officer in various situations both on duty and socially off duty she had observed that when in their official starfleet uniforms the chain of command was normal nothing out of the ordinary. The fascinating part was after studying them in other social situations when they were wearing off duty clothes there appeared to be as she described it "a definite and measurable social change in command" between the Admiral and First officer. 

Elektra was sitting beside Tara gave her a mischievous smirk and but then cleared her throat and slight shook her head no hoping Tara would get the message that such observations were not "appropriate" in this setting . The admiral unfortunately was taking a sip of his drink at that moment and nearly choked on it sending a little mist forward across the table. The table generally found that reaction amusing and shared a laugh . After Nova had recovered he desperately tried casually change the subject inquired on whose bet it was ......

The the gossip that was actually irrefutable proof that this wasn't your standard Captain , First officer relationship happened one night during one of their common MMA combat sparing matches. Being both very adept at hand to hand combat the matches proved to be a very good workout and could get quite intense they were not actually trying to hurt each other but also were not holding back that much either . They generally had these when they could have the Dojo to themselves at the time of night where if you were not on duty you were generally thinking of going to bed. 

As the sparring match went on Elektra the better of the two combatants performed a heavy take down on NovaBlast that ended with her sitting on her Commanders chest pinning both his arms to the ground with a tight grip and looking down at him with a victorious gloating smirk. 

Being incredibly impulsive at times and seeing how they were off duty It was then she decided that there had been enough subtlety and it was time to just blow up the building so with NovaBlast completely trapped and pinned beneath her she leaned down and gave him a very passionate kiss and was please it was returned with equal passion at moment they started sharing a romantic kiss the doors to the Dojo opened and two crew members walked in.................

Little did they know that a Lieutenant Security personnel had agreed demonstrate a few advanced hand to hand combat moves to an Ensign in his department when they got off duty due to a conversation they had been having earlier. 

It only took a small moment for the two on the ground to realize the door had just opened and they had an audience but that was long enough for the two who entered to see them sharing a kiss. The romantic moment came to abrupt and awkward stop in an instant. Quickly Climbing off Nova and helping him up there was the very awkward but standard formal greetings followed by the Lieutenant and Ensign quickly deciding that this was not the best time for a demonstration and quickly backing out as fast as they figured protocol would let them. despite both the Admiral and First Officer trying to assure them they were most welcome to continue and that they were done their combat sparing. By lunch of the next day the gossip had already engulfed the entire crew. 

As the secret was out the two didn't try to hide spending time together when they were both off duty going for drinks in the lounge their normal poker nights and attending various social functions that happened aboard ship as a couple but have not yet "moved in" together.

I got an idea for another fan fiction  I still have not  worked out  backstories and still really don't know how to write in different personality's to actually create a conversation and workable dialogs so  I  am  writing this  next fan faction  as a personal log entry. I took a number of screen shots  to go with this but they didn't turn out exactly the way I wanted.

In  order to even be able to  take structured  screenshots is real pain since star trek online doesn't really have feature  for that you kind of  just have to play with the way point system till you get it to where the way point mark that doesn't actually appear in the shot. Even when you find that there is no actual way to manual pose the bridge officer your using. I did my best with what I have and hope you find it  enjoyable


Captain's Personal log  - Shore Leave


Captains  personal log I had to pay personal visit to New Romulus today to check out a tip from an informant. Someone  is leaking information from the Tal Shiar to me directly .  We arrived early in the planets morning then beamed down with Electra  we found that the  tip was sound and the data right  where I was told it would be .

New Romulus seem to be a very scenic planet After retrieving the data  while on our way  back to  the   staging area   Electra  "suggested"  that  the crew could use some shore leave. Her context was directed at  us but technically  we are part of the crew  and even before we were an official couple she used to drag me away from the bridge when she thought I needed a break or just wanted her favorite  workout partner/punching bag. Seriously though she can be very convincing when it comes to the health of the crew and  in this case she was  right  everyone including us  did need a break and to get off the ship for a while . 

We were at battle stations  only hours after  we left earth for the first time. Since then it's rare to get  though a day without going to battle stations ... It's almost feels like we are slacking off if we haven't made at least  1 hostile vessel go  boom  by the end of the day, I have to admit when Starfleet assigned me a heavy destroyer I was very happy probably not as happy as Electra was when I told her  she is  probably one of the few  people that  actually like to make things  go boom more than I do.

With everything going on  making thing go boom on a daily basis is not hard. There is no shortage  of  people  who want a piece of us  Borg , Klingons, Tal Shiar Undine, Breen  ,  even  pirates  who for some reason  don't warp out when we enter the system  and think  it's a good idea  to take on a  federation heavy escort  vessel coming to the aid  of a transport. I guess they  never learned the saying  live to fight another day but on the bright side they won't be bothering any more transports. Suffice to say  life  aboard the Solar Storm  has been hectic from day one.

We took are time getting back  to the staging area to request permission for  shore parties which was surprisingly easy to get  I guess because  of the assistance  I  gave  them  with  destroying that Tal Shiar base.  That Hakeev was a very deeply disturbed Romulan and  with all the threats these days I'm sure part of the  reason is they like having the Solar Storm in orbit right now.

We thanked our hosts for showing hospitality and  beam back up to  the ship after a quick trip up to the bridge to check on  reports and other more mundane daily ship operation stuff I returned to my quarters to get changed into some off  duty clothes. While Electra informed the crew, helped start the organization process for shore parties and finished her own mundane tasks and  duty shift.  

I have to admit it was nice to get out of the uniform for a while but I still I had the nervous excited butterflies. This is the first shore leave  Elektra and I  have had since becoming an official couple. I face down all manner of hostile situations  on  a daily basis  yet  spending some time off the ship alone with someone I  have known for years  makes me feel like  I am going on my first date all over again.

An hour or so  after  Electra finished her duty shift she entered my cabin. After relaxing and sharing a drink  we decided to spend  the rest of the afternoon and evening exploring. Getting away from the ship was exactly what we need.  We spent hours just wandering around. well technically I did  more of the walking , she  thought it would be fun to have a shoulder ride wanted to be carried on my shoulders for a while , I  pretended to  act surprised and tried to explain that  is something normally only kids do but she was persistent and  its not like I was actually opposed to the idea so for a good mile that's what happened. When evening came and it started to get dark the stars became visible so we found a nice quite spot and leaned against a tree.


That's when I surprised her I  had various picnic supplies, food , her favorite wine a blanket  etc beamed  down from the ship. Being the captain does have its perks the crewmembers including Edri I had helping me seemed more than happy to help  ..almost to the point of  being enthusiastic. Although in general I think it's safe to say  the crew  approves of their Captain and First officer  being a couple and it gives them something positive to  gossip about so which is probably good for moral. 

We put down the blanket , enjoyed the food  an each other's company then just cuddled up while actually looking up at the stars. It's amazing  we basically live in space  but laying  on the blanket cuddled up the stars seem to take up the wonder of a child looking at them and dreaming of adventure. There are very few times in your life or career that can compare to the sensations, emotions and experience you feel when you are officially given command of your very first ship  and you walk on to your  bridge for the very first time this night however was one of those times.

I guess that is why I am making this  personal log  I wanted to capture the essence of what seem to be the perfect day.  I don't see  how my life could get  any better I have the best crew and ship in Starfleet, someone  to share my life with and I am flying around the universe protecting the federation by getting into battles making things  go boom on a regular basis.

Speaking of someone to share my life with  I can't truly describe how amazing she truly is  with mere words. What I can say is Electra she has an amazing body with eyes you could get lost in and a captivating smile. She very strong independent personality, is very fiercely protective of the ship and crew one of the most  unquestionably loyal people I have ever met in my life and since we have  become a couple she has revealed a softer, passionate and such an extremely tactile, affectionate, and overall loving side to her personality I didn't know even existed.  She has a great sense of humour she's  very feisty , aggressive , a true warriors sprit which is probably the reason she seems  to have unusual definitions of "fun" at times.

I think she  truly enjoys it when she has me hopeless trapped in some kind of hold the times  I can see  her face  and look into her eyes and face seems to light up and she gets this  very mischievous  grin on her face that seems  to become more prominent the more I try to escape when she has one of  her many holds locked in  and she seems to especially enjoy it when she has me trapped in between and is demonstrating just how powerful her legs are but all these qualities are what makes her the best first officer in the fleet and what has attracted me to her since that first day at Starfleet academy. It took us years to get to this point but it was well worth the wait and I wouldn't change a thing about her as a far as I am concerned she is perfect.

I think that pretty much covers our day up to the point that I actually want to record in this log as you know  if your listening to this  in the future it is nowhere close to being over yet. When we beamed up Electra returned to her quarters to change  and pack some stuff and expects me in the dojo  soon so I better get going if I keep  her waiting  it just makes her more feisty and  my smart ass remarks already reminded me how strong her thighs are  when I was giving her that shoulder ride although as  our daily sparing matches would be evident  she probably would have squeezed at some point regardless just for the "fun of it"  I probably knew that  and  at least I was able to at least catch her verbally off guard even though it came at a price. You would think after all the walking we did today that would have counted as our exercise  ....but no she enjoys our  sparing matches way too much to skip a day.

Today is  different than any other match for the first time she is coming back here and I have a feeling  I am going to need more than a few Raktajinos to get me though tomorrow  and a feeling my body is going to be very angry with me in the morning as well. I may need to be beamed directly to my ready room tomorrow although  that would probably cause way to much gossip if  that  happened. The only thing I know for certain whatever  price  I have to pay in the morning it will be well worth it .

Computer end and save personal log with back up  and transfer copy to  the chip on my PADD under protect access to my personal command access codes only.


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